The Public Administrator is appointed by the governor for a four year term. It is a testament to Mr. Banahan’s skill and integrity that he has now served as chief legal counsel for the Public Administrator of DuPage County for over 17 years, representing appointees from both sides of the aisle, through three very different administrations, and representing them well. Throughout his tenure Mr. Banahan has worked tirelessly to preserve and honor the legacies of the citizens of DuPage County. His exemplary service on behalf of the Public Administrator, the Court, and the Citizens of DuPage County is greatly appreciated by all who’ve had the privilege of working with him.

Thomas More Leinenweber, Public Administrator of DuPage County, 2006-2014

Brian is sharp, personable and intelligent. He is knowledgeable in all areas of the law and can be relied upon to do an excellent job. Both I and my clients have known him for many years now and are most confident in his ability to get the job done right.

Ron Wielgos, President at Gwd Realty

It is my pleasure to highly recommend attorney Brian Banahan. Brian is my personal attorney, as well as attorney for the three Trusts for which I am trustee. Together those Trusts comprise several million dollars in assets. From establishing the Trusts and through myriad legal maneuvers, Brian and I have worked closely together for nearly eight years. I have found his work, his judgement and his council to be comprehensive, easy to understand and, most importantly, correct in every incident I can recall.

Along with creating and managing the Trusts, Brian has helped me shepherd the development of a baby boy, from just weeks old in the beginning, into a joyful young man, starting the 3rd grade this year. His story, with its once-improbable happy ending, has been exceedingly tragic, sometimes incomprehensibly complex and both physically and emotionally challenging. The case has included hundreds of court proceedings, hearings, motions, a custody trail, countless strategies and meetings. There have been moments of despair and frustration and lots of ups and downs, but with Brian’s help and guidance we have achieved success. Through all of it, Brian has been by my side, and more importantly, by the boy’s side, ensuring that everything is done in the best interests of this child, who is also my great nephew. His distinguished and talented legal work has been eclipsed only by his remarkable thoughtfulness and caring.

In a nutshell, I have seen Brian’s legal skills, his extensive knowledge of the law, his hard work and his genuine compassion for justice and fairness. I have seen them up close and over a long period of time. Hiring Brian was without question one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have the highest possible regard for him as a lawyer and partner. There is no greater praise I can give Brian than to say I am fortunate and proud, and a little lucky too, to still have him today as my trusted legal advisor and colleague.

Dan D. Harrell, President at The Write Answer | Trustee, The Harrell and Saxman Trusts

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